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LaKeisha Andrews thought she and her husband were moving into an ordinary, dull, tiny Michigan town. But,
as she learned more, the weirder the town became. Little did she know that her move -- and her baby -- would
prevent the upcoming apocalypse.

The town is doomed," The Oracle intoned. He looked around. "Where's Hiram?"

"Out of town," Lazarus said. "Vacation. And you know he's got that case coming up."

"Oh," the Oracle said. "I had forgotten. Anyway," he continued in a melancholy tone, "the town is doomed."

Joanne Long looked at the television, flickering in one corner, then went back to her knitting. She looked as
neatly pressed as she usually did, not like she had just gotten out of bed. "I think that you've been watching too
many scary movies, honey." She settled back into her chair.

"No," the Oracle said. "Infomercials. That's when I get my best revelations."

"And the revelation you got while watching a commercial about knives," Daniel Summers said, rubbing his eyes,
"was that the town is doomed."

"The town is going to be destroyed in a ball of fire," the Oracle said. "And a baby will be our salvation."

Cover art by Sherlock
Freak. Ugly. Jaimie Murphy and her friend, Bennie, have been called all sorts of names.

What their classmates don’t know is that she and Bennie can read minds and can make the other students believe whatever
they want – temporarily – a talent Jaimie sometimes uses to amuse herself at the expense of her enemies.

However, when strange Shadows start threatening them, she’s the first one to realize that lives are in danger – friends and
enemies alike.

Aided by Bennie and her friend Katelyn, she follows the clues given to her by a strange ghost who she calls Disco Dude. At the
end, she discovers her courage and her true heritage after being accused of murder.