Review pages are up.

Both categories (Gen and Slash) now have sections for reviews of 2014 zines.   The reviews will go to either Jan or Elaine, who will upload them as posts — I’m hoping that this will make any reviews searchable.  Please note the rules for the reviews — basically we wish to make sure that reviews are a) constructive and b) civil.  Thanks!

Also, I wanted to let you know that I’m learning this Blog Post thing as I go.  Any formatting suggestions are welcome.  My e-mail is

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New Spam Deleted – Sigh….

I just noticed that new users were added as “administrators” — I have changed that setting, and new users are now added as “subscribers.”  Sorry for the SPAM.

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Forms are up!

We’ve uploaded the 2015 Fan-Q nomination form in the menu above.  Nominate your favorite zines, stories, illustrators, and more!  After all, the year is half over…  :-)

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Apologies for the delayed start…

… we’re all still recovering from MediaWest*Con.  Thanks for your patience.

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2014 Fan-Q Winners!

Congratulations to all of the Fan-Q winners!  Follow the link to:

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Hello world!

Are you a zine looking for contributions? Post your fondest wishes for your zine here! Are you a fanfic writer looking for a home for your latest oeuvre? Check out the possibilities here!

This blog is under construction — please check back frequently!


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