Links to STRANGE NEW WORLDS 8 Winners
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Grand Prize
Speculations: "Alpha and Omega" -  Derek Tyler Attico

Second Prize
Speculations: "Concurrence" - Geoffrey Thorne

Third Prize
TNG: "Final Flight" - John Takis


Star Trek
"Shanghied" - Alan James Garbers
"Assignment: One" - Kevin Lauderdale
"Demon" -  
Kevin Andrew Hosey
"Don't Call Me Tiny" - Paul C. Tseng

Star Trek: The Next Generation
"Morning Bells Are Ringing" - Kevin Summers
"Passages of Deceit" - Sarah Seaborne

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
"Trek" - Dan C. Duval
- Amy Vincent
"Promises Made" - David DeLee
"Always a Price" -  Muri McCage

Star Trek: Voyager
"Transfiguration" - Susan S. McCrackin
"This Drone" -
M.C. DeMarco
"Once Upon a Tribble" - Annie Reed
"You May Kiss the Bride" -  
Amy Sisson
"Coffee With a Friend" - JB Stevens

Star Trek: Enterprise
"Egg Drop Soup" - Robert Burke Richardson
"Hero" - Lorraine Anderson
"Insanity" - by
A. Rhea King

"Dawn" - Paul J. Kaplan